New Product Category!

I've been working on a new product category here at RH. Those of you who listen to our podcast have already heard about it. Well, I uploaded the first of the new ones yesterday and I'd like to share it with you now:

Custom Patterns

If you've been reading my blog this summer, you know that I purchased a new piece of software and traipsed up to Connecticut to take classes for it. Up until this time, I've been drafting patterns manually. This little bit of software allows me to automate part of that process, and that really cuts down the amount of time I spend on pattern production.

It also has this cute little way to alter a pattern to other measurements.

So if you're a size E, but you're short-waisted, we can print you a pattern that will take those different measurements into consideration.

If you have one shoulder that's higher than the other, we can print you a pattern that has left and right sides that are different.

If you are a size outside our usual range of sizes, we can make a pattern for your measurements.

Now don't misunderstand me -- you're still going to have to fit your pattern. All patterns need to be fit on the body. But if your measurements don't line up with our sizes and you hate adjusting patterns, well... now we can help.

We've started with only a few patterns in the Custom section because I have to translate the old files into the new format before I can customize them. But if you want a custom version of a pattern we don't have on the site yet, please email and request it. We'll see what we can do.
Buy an RH Custom Pattern now.

All patterns are custom-made to your measurements, so I can't just grab them off the shelf and send them to you. Please allow two weeks plus shipping.

After you place your order, we will contact you for your measurements.

All patterns are guaranteed to fit the measurements provided, so please send accurate measurements.