Why do we call them Clothing patterns not Costume patterns?

14thWomenscoversm.gifIf you've been reading Reconstructing History for a while, you'll notice that we use the terms "clothing patterns", not "costume patterns". This is not because the word "costume" is wrong -- it refers to clothing as worn throughout history -- but because the other costume pattern companies seek to replica the look of historical clothing without researching the construction of the garments of history.

At Reconstructing History, our passion is reconstructing historical clothing as closely as possible to the original garments we've spent our lives studying. We believe that it is only through this method that we can truly understand the garments of the past. And through reconstructing and wearing these garments, we can learn something about the people of the past, something intimate, something inaccessible without this pursuit. And we make all that knowledge available to you in every pattern.

That is why Reconstructing History sells patterns for historical clothing.