Reproduction Patterns

You may have heard the term “Reproduction Patterns” bandied about. What exactly is a reproduction pattern. Reproduction Patterns are produced when a pattern company takes an off-copyright pattern and releases it as a new pattern. This usually involves transferring it from tissue to paper and copying the instructions. Cutting lines and marks were not printed on tissue patterns before the last 1940s, so those markings are added to the pattern. At Reconstructing History, we go one step further than just copying an old pattern and selling it to you on paper. •We change the base size of the pattern to a modern size. So if the original size was 34-22-36, we alter it to be 34-26-38 so it will fit people who haven’t been corsetted since birth. •We grade the base size into eleven sizes, from a 30” bust to a 50” bust, creating all the sizes you need to make a garment that will fit you and not some long-ago perfect size. •We print the pattern on 20-lb bond paper so it does not rip or tear when you pin it to your fabric and it can be used again and again. •We rewrite the instructions so that they are understandable to a modern seamstress, not just to the seamstresses of the past. •We provide historical notes about the fashions of the time period so you understand the context in which the style represented in the pattern existed. •We deliver the pattern in a 10”x13” 2mm resealable plastic baggie that can be used again and again without tearing. •We provide a toll-free Customer Service line at 866-518-1558 (or by email at if you have any questions. Reconstructing History patterns are so much more than other Reproduction Patterns. Buy quality. Buy great Customer Service. Buy an RH Pattern today! ——————– © 2011 Kass McGann. All Rights Reserved. The Author of this work retains full copyright for this material. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this document for non-commercial private research or educational purposes provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.