Why are There No Sewing Patterns for Men?

Poor men.  In the realm of sewing patterns, and historical clothing, they really get the short end of the stick. Sewing is a "woman's hobby".  One might even hear it called "woman's work".  When a man turns up at a reenactment impeccably dressed, he is inevitably asked, "Did your girlfriend make that?" It's infuriating. One of the biggest complaints I've heard from fellow people who sew throughout the years is that sewing pattern companies always seem to forget the men. Look at any major pattern company and you will see a scant pattern or two for men while the women's patterns number in the hundreds. Even small pattern companies seem to devote nearly all of their pattern-drafting time to women's patterns.  I can name (but I won't) three historical patterns companies off the top of my head who have an entire line of women's patterns and only one or two for men for any era.  Some don't even bother and sell another company's men's sewing patterns instead.  And some — to add insult to injury — produce men's patterns that never rise above the level of fancy dress costumes. It's like historical pattern makers don't like men. [caption id="attachment_8698" align="alignright" width="300"]drafting men's patterns Drafting Men's Patterns for You Right Now[/caption] Well, RH does! When I started RH 13 years ago, I made a list of things that other pattern companies did that annoyed me, and decided that my pattern company was going to be different. Making men's patterns was at the top of that list. Matter of fact, the RH100-series, our first line of historical patterns released back in October 2003, contained three men's patterns, two unisex patterns, and only two women's patterns. And we actually released the men's patterns first! During the past 13 years, we've kept that promise.  Look at any time period or geographic region we cover and you will find at least as many men's patterns as women's.  Sometimes you may even find more. On any page of the RH site, you can click on the sidebar link for Men's Patterns and find all the sewing patterns for men in our current lineup. I assure you — there are tons of them. And more are on the way in 2017. RH won't let you down, Boys.  Never fear.