Shipping Increases

Friends, We use the United States Postal Service exclusively to ship our orders.  As of yesterday (27 January 2013), the USPS increased its rates. For domestic shipping, nothing changes - USA customers will see the same $7 flat-rate shipping with free shipping on orders totaling $100. International shipping is another thing entirely.  USPS didn't quite increase their prices by an order of magnitude, but it's close.  The good news is we at RH will still maintain flat rates for our shipping charges - there's one flat rate for orders of two or less patterns, and another flat rate for orders in excess of two patterns.  So while these new rate changes might look daunting at first blush, you can always gang up with some friends to place a larger order and save on shipping! Also, international customers, you can save on shipping charges and transit times by patronizing one of our international partners - see our Where To Buy page here. Rates for our friends in the Great White North (hello, Canada!) are as follows: 1-2 patterns = $20; more than 2 patterns = $42. Everywhere else in the world: 1-2 patterns = $25; more than 2 = $60. Again, USA rates remain the same. We don't want to increase our shipping rates, but this new international rate increase is so severe that we just can't keep things in statu quo, as Jeeves might say.  We've also looked at UPS and FedEx, but - just like the last time we looked at switching - their rates are completely over the moon. Thanks for your continued patronage! Bob & Kass