Steampunky Goodness!

Steampunk World's Fair is coming up fast and I need to look fabulous.

That's a given here at RH.  After all, we have a reputation to uphold.  I can't just show up in chinos and a polo shirt, now can I? ;)  

Some stuff I've got.  For example, I've a whole raft of working-class clothing, like our Steampunk Dusters, Victorian Shirts, and Trousers.  Hell, I'm taking my Morning Coat suit (which you can order from here).  But while that's awesome, and historically accurate, it ain't obviously Steampunky, is it?  (Though I do have goggles...)

No, I need something more eye-catching.  I know, I know; the cry goes round Mayfair, "Bob?  Look eye-catching?  The devil you say!"  It is true.  I like flash.

I rampaged through the shelves here at RH World HQ, from top to bottom.  Imagine how excited I was when my eyes fell on our Steampunk/Dieselpunk Riding Breeches and Steampunk/Dieselpunk Military Dress Jacket!  There's my canvas, I exulted to myself.

While those things are nice, they're kind of plain.  Luckily, I live with Kass, whose Fabric Stash is legendary.  Also, I work with Robin, whose knowledge of costuming is vast.  Surely, with those two advising me I can come up with something!

Did I mention SPWF is TWO WEEKS AWAY?

I need to dress 'em up.  Rooting through Ye Olde Fabrick Stashe, I found some scraps of lovely maroon wool flannel.  That'll add a much-needed spash of color to the ensemble.

Add in some gold braid - and believe me, there'll be enough gold braid on this to make the most ADHD magpie do a happy little dance - and I'm set.

Following are some pics of the work in progress.  

I'm putting the maroon wool on the cuffs, epaulettes and collar facings on the Jacket, and adding a stripe of the same color to the outseam of the Breeches.

Gold braid is going on the cuffs of the Jacket, and I'm replacing all the dull, grey plastic buttons with shiny brass ones embossed with pseudo-military designs.

In the pictures, you're not seeing the medals and other magpie ephemera being added to the Jacket.  (You'll have to either come see us at SPWF or wait for pictures on the RH Facebook page the week after SPWF for that!  Speaking of which, go there right now and Friend us!)

I'm also making a hat to match, which will look like those little pillbox hats worn by Victorian soldiers.  More braid and brass, yay!

Thanks to being able to raid the shelves and Ye Stashe, I've spent a grand total of $26.75 on this outfit, $6.75of which is going into the hat and $20 of which is in the surplus waist belt seen in the last photo.  Frugal = Awesome.

Note the epaulette in the last photo is kind of sticking up.  That's Version 1.2 Beta; I've devised a better method which looks a hell of a lot nicer.  (NB: The jeans and Chucks are NOT part of the outfit.)  The belt is a