Talking Trim

So lets talk trim. That is after all what Victoria dresses are all about. I mean sure you can pleat them different ways and use different over skirts, but the shapes aren't what make them over the top and delicious, it's the decorations. If costuming were like cooking, Victorian gowns would be the frothy, delicious dessert section. Filled with cream-puffs, pettifors, and trifles. Damn now I want cake.

Anyway, where was I, oh right TRIM. So lets talk trim.

 My plan is to cut strips of ivory silk that I've had in the stash for a while. It was on clearance at Joann's when I was a slav-I mean worked there. One plus side of being a Joann employee, you get to stalk the prettiest of the fabrics. *shhh if we keep verrry quiet we can catch the silk in it's native home decor section*

Which brings us to the lace on top of the pretty Ivory silk. I did a little shopping in the stash and came up empty, then I suddenly remembered duh we SELL lace! I know Robin right, welcome to the party.

So I've selected this beauty:

Now I know what you're thinking. "Hey Robin, White Lace on Ivory Silk is gonna look like @$$" Fear not my brave readers, I have DYE! 

Now you can't really dye a Rayon/cotton blend DARK purple, but you can sure as heck get it periwinkle, or amethyst, or some other name on a fancy paint chip. But you know what takes dye reeeeeeeeally well?