Technical Woez

By now you've probably noticed things are not what they once were.

Yesterday, a server issue completely screwed over our entire website.  Somehow the server data had been corrupted.  Worse, when we tried to reset from the most recent backup, our tech guy discovered that the backup was corrupted, too.  We had to reset from a backup that was several days old.

We're back to full funtionality, so if you're looking to order, please do.  For you, dear reader, it means that you've lost a couple days of my blogging brilliance.  I'm in the process of rebuilding it - I'm so brilliant, I write this stuff off-line and save it, you see - but I have to upload all the images of my fantastic sewing for you to ogle.  That'll take me a while.

So bear with me, gentle, faithful readers. Soon you will be able to squee over my fabulousness once more.

Yr Obt Svt,