Top Ten Pirate To Dos

1. Wear short sailors' jackets and shoes instead of boots.
2. Wear monmouth or thrum caps more often than cocked ("tricorn") hats.
3. Wear seaman's breeches (slops) or trousers.
4. Dress appropriately to your role. If you are not an officer then don't dress like one.
5. Carry only weapons from the period.
6. Introduce more diverse weapons such as axes and boarding pikes.
7. Don't have more "chiefs" than "indians". Any group of 10-12 people should have no more than 1 or 2 officers at the most.
8. Women portray women. Men portray men.
9. A few words of authentic "sailor-speak" will go much further to improve credibility than any number of "aaargh's".
10. Learn some period skills, and don't pretend to be an officer or skilled seaman if you can't back it up when asked.

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