Vintage Hairstyling Now Available!

The Expansion Continues!
In conjunction with our desire to serve your costuming needs in every time period, we bring you the new second edition of Lauren Rennell's excellent book "Vintage Hairstyling"

Unlike period hairstyling manuals that assume knowledge we non-hairstylists don't have and products and styling tools to which we don't have access, Lauren's book is written for the modern non-stylist who wants to do her own hair in 1920s-50s styles. Models are shown with their modern hairstyles. All hair types and colours are shown. Unlike period hairstyling books, Women of Colour are represented and issues dealing with their unique hair types are explained. Hair accessories and makeup tips are also included. This is a wonderful book. Whether you want to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween or you want to wear your hair in a sophisticated vintage style to a wedding or formal event, this book is a dream come true.

Only $33.95, three dollars off the price!

 In stock and available now!