We Will Not Snark.

We do a lot of events. Lots and lots of events. SCA, steampunk, living history, you name it – if there's people in funny clothes, we're there trying to sell them more funny clothes.

I hear it every event. A customer will say, “You're going to hate me” followed by “I didn't hand-stitch this” or “I used a poly blend”.

Please stop doing that.

We applaud your efforts to make historical clothing whether you painstakingly replicate a Medieval tunic using hand-woven wool spun from bred-back sheep or make an Elizabethan doublet from Day-Glo polyester camouflage. Some people have been known to do both in one weekend.

We think that's awesome.

Yes, we give you a path to replicate historical clothing. No, we do not think less of you if you don't go as far as we do. And hell, we often don't go as far as you might think we do. Robin machine-sews a LOT of things, because she's got flaming, hot balls of tendonitis in both arms. Bob is developing some painful arthritis, which means he's got to stop whining and learn how to use the Singer.

In fact, we want to see what you've done with one of our patterns. We want to take pictures, study what you've done, ask you about the choices you made and why you made them. Why? So we can tell other customers about it!

We want you to display the pride you should have in what you've done with a Reconstructing History product. No matter who you are or what “historical clothing street cred” you think you should have, we will never hate, berate, poke fun, snark at, or otherwise be nasty meany pants to you for the choices you've made.

So if you come up to Bob at an event and start with “You're going to think I suck...” he will slap the goose-snot out of you.

Be forewarned.