YO Canada! Your postal workers are coming back! So we're SHIPPING FREE!

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Dear Northern Neighbors,

I'm told the recent unpleasantness is now solved, and we can expect your postal workers to start going back to work today.

Yay!  We can ship to you again!

So don't be shy, Canada; we miss you.  When you come back, bring us beer.

Bob & Doug Eh

In hono(u)r of your postal service returning to work, RH is offering our Canadian customers FREE SHIPPING.  Simply enter the Coupon Code "hosereh" at Checkout and you'll have your shipping amount refunded.  This coupon expires at close of business Friday, so act now! Offer good for Canadian addresses only. This coupon will not be honoured for non-Canadian addresses

Oh, and if Bob's attempts at being funny about Canada offend you, he earnestly apologizes.  He loves Canada; he's just not funny sometimes.

Best Regards,

The RH Team