The Killery Coat - The Sleeves. Kind of.

Okay, I'm beyond late with this. I admit it. Why? Because sleeves are a pain in the ass. See, there's this very, very distinctive way the Early Modern Irish tended to put sleeves onto garments. You see it all over the place, from the Kilcommon Jacket to the Tipperary Coat. The Killery Coat has it, too. We're trying to figure out a way to do it that's patternable, repeatable, and explainable.  We have to make a pattern, test the pattern, and Kass has to write instructions so you can do it. For a while there we were in "toss it in a heap and burn it" mode, because while we're verifying a lot of our hypotheses on how it's done, developing a patternable, repeatable, and explainable method was, shall we say, frustrating.   I'm happy to report we developed that sleeve. I mocked it up, it worked perfectly, we finished the pattern, and it's been shipping for weeks now. The trouble is I still haven't gotten up the nerve to put the wool one on the Coat. I made the sleeve. All the edges are finished. Everything is pressed, ironed within an inch of its life.  So I did other stuff instead, look, I did. I finished all the long seams in the gores. I finished all the gore edges. Hell, I even finished the collar. Still, I haven't done the sleeves yet. But there's hope! I'm out of things to do to put off installing the sleeves. There's no more room for procrastination. So keep an eye on this series. There'll be a "Lookee! ALL DONE!" post soon enough. In the meantime, you can get your copy of the Killery pattern here: