Cover images for sewing patterns included in a 14th Century Ladies Package. Includes cotehardie (or kirtle), shift, surcote, and accessories.

Complete 14th century Lady Package

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Get Everything the 14th Century Lady Needs in One Package!

Get everything to make yourself a perfect 14th century Lady's outfit! We've made it easy for you with this Reconstructing History Pattern Package. The package includes the patterns needed to make a full outfit for a noble lady living in Western Europe from 1340 through 1380. 
    Package includes: 
  • RH017 or RH017Q — 14thc Kirtle

    RH017 fits busts 28"-48" and waists 23"-41". All Sizes in one envelope.  
    RH017Q fits busts 48"-60" and waists 41"-53". All Sizes in one envelope.
    Or order a Made to Measure pattern in your personal measurements.  

  • RH018 — 14thc Underdress  (busts 28"- 48")
  • RH019 — 14thc Sideless Surcote  (busts 28"- 48")
  • RH020 — 14thc Women's Accessories  (busts 34"- 54")