Cover of our Medieval Sewing Guide, a tutorial of stitches and sewing techniques of the Medieval period

Medieval Sewing Guide

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Have you ever started on a project and wished you knew how to do the stitches that medieval people used to sew together their garments? Don't have the time to crawl through the back rooms of museums or read a hundred books on the subject? We can help you!

We have compiled this sewing guide demonstrating techniques gleaned from extant garments from the medieval period. The product of over two decades of study and practice of medieval stitches and sewing techniques, this guide will show you how to use stitches medieval tailors and seamstresses used to put clothing together.

Everything you need to know is in here. Even an absolute beginner can turn out period garments like a pro with this guide! And you can have it in your hot little hands in seconds with this download!

Also available: "Early Modern Sewing Guide" for the Renaissance, Elizabethan period and early 17th century.